Early Prevention

First Orthodontic evaluation at 6-7 years old

Whilst losing baby teeth is part of growing up, it’s also a sign that as a parent, you should begin closely monitoring your son or daughter’s dental development.

In addition to helping your child to brush their teeth  and scheduling routine dental checkups, you may want to consider taking your child to an orthodontist to make sure their "forever teeth" are developing as they should.

Dr Fabiana Petrykowski and the dedicated team at Design Orthodontics can give you information on how early-treatment for your child can help prevent potential lifelong problems, such as difficulty eating and speaking. We can monitor your child’s growth and dental development from an early age through any required orthodontic treatment and into young adulthood as their wisdom teeth emerge.

This comprehensive monitoring means we can address any developing growth issues and ensures any required orthodontic treatment is commenced at the correct time for your child.

Early assessment, diagnosis and planning help ensure the best approach in delivering a great smile.

Your family’s orthodontic journey will span from your child’s first assessment (recommended at around 7 years of age) through to completed treatment. You are building a relationship with us that may last a number of years – particularly if there is more than on child in your family. It is important to us that you feel comfortable and confident in our treatment and our service.

Common problems that may be addressed with early treatment include:

  • narrow upper jaws.
  •  jaw size discrepancies.
  • thumb or finger sucking habits.
  • simple crossbites on front teeth.
  • deep bites.
  • dental drifting due to early loss of baby teeth.