Metal Braces

Modern advances in techniques and materials, such as space age wires and low friction brackets, have made modern orthodontics quicker and more comfortable than ever before.

Comprehensive orthodontics traditionally involves the placing of braces on all adult teeth to correct dental alignment, crowding and bite problems simultaneously.

This method of treatment is usually the most time efficient and cost effective option. Comprehensive treatment is usually undertaken between the ages of 11 and 15 years but it can be done at any stage of life.

Treating adolescents while they are growing is ideal as this tends to be a great time to initiate this type of treatment, as children are usually undergoing a growth spurt and this can enhance orthodontic results significantly.

The traditional style of braces consists of small metal squares, called ‘brackets’, which are affixed to the outer surface of the teeth by means of specialised dental glue. The brackets are then joined together by an orthodontic wire, which produces light, gentle forces on the teeth. Over time these forces will move the teeth into the desired positions that the orthodontist has prescribed. Teeth tend to move slowly through healthy bone, and so orthodontics does take time. 

At Design Orthodontics we use self ligating technology means they do not require coloured elastics to hold the wires to the teeth. These elastics tend to discolour quickly, cause poor hygiene (due to plaque build up) and require regular maintenance appointments.