It’s time to stop letting your teeth hold you back from having the self-esteem that you deserve.

Invisalign has been developed to provide a clear alternative to metal braces and its efficacy has been proven throughout the years. It is a popular treatment choice amongst adults as it suits lifestyles.

How does it work?

Your first Invisalign consultation is all about collecting information and checking if you are suitable for treatment with Invisalign.

After analysing x-rays and photos, a 3D scan will be performed and Dr Fabiana will develop your treatment plan, design your smile and send your aligners for manufacturing.

A box with a series of aligners will be delivered to you, which you will need to wear each day. Our team will explain how long you should wear your aligners based on individual assessment. Your teeth will progressively move into a better position and Dr Fabiana will monitor your progress very closely.

You will need to attend our clinic every 6-10 weeks depending on the severity of your case.

Once your treatment is finished, retainers will be delivered to you in order to maintain the alignment of your teeth.

We know that teeth continue to move throughout life and it is important to wear retainers to maintain them in the ideal position.

Advantages of Invisalign over braces:

Invisalign is more comfortable and easier to keep your teeth clean. Also, you have the flexibility of removing the aligners for a special occasion if necessary. But remember, aligners need to be inside your mouth for 22 hours a day!

Is Invisalign more expensive than braces?

Invisalign prices depend on the complexity of your case. Costs will generally vary between $2500 to $8000.

Our clinic offers a payment plan and our goal is to facilitate your payments to help you to achieve your dream smile.

Contact our office today to make an appointment to meet Dr Fabiana in order to discuss your treatment options.


We design your smile;
your teeth align while you continue with your life!